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The Connected Lawyer - Leveraging Technology to Practice Law More Effectively

First Thing: Reboot

I was going to go into a long involved story about what happened to me this morning. However, I decided that this is much more simple. If you are having a problem with your computer. Do not contact your IT person about the problem until you have at least rebooted the computer once. Why? Because that is the first thing I (and everyone else I know) is going to have you do.

Reboot. If you still have the problem after rebooting, then contact someone.

Fixing iTunes Library Problem

We are getting ready to go on a short road trip. This means that I wanted to add some music to my wife’s iPod (it’s what we use for music on the trip). While selecting songs to add to the iPod (checking the little boxes in iTunes), I accidentally selected all of the songs in the iTunes library.

Given that we have over 5,000 songs in our library, this can be a bit of a problem. No one wanted to go back through the the library and select the songs that we actually wanted to synch to the iPod. Fortunately, we had recently synchronized the iPod and it had our currently selected songs on it. After some Googling, my wife found a solution that allowed us to reselect our desired songs without spending hours going through the library again.

Her solution is as follows.

  1. On the iPod, create an On the Go Playlist.
  2. Go to Genres.
  3. Hold the select button down for each genre until it flashes blue three times. This should add the songs in that genre to the playlist.
  4. Go back to playlists and open the On the Go Playlist.
  5. Scroll to bottom.
  6. The last option is save. Select that.
  7. Uncheck all music in iTunes.
  8. Synch iPod
  9. The synch will wipe all the music off the iPod. However, the playlist will show up in iTunes.
  10. Open the new playlist in iTunes. Select all of the songs. Right click, and choose check selected.
  11. Check any other other playlists you might have to make sure that all songs were selected.
  12. Synch again.
  13. Problem solved.

A Mobiliti Solution

One of my favorite programs is Mobiliti which is now owned by Packeteer, Inc. When I first started using the program it was called Network Ungplugged. I actually prefer that name, because it is a great description of what it does. The program allows me to synchronize my network files to my laptop so that I can work on the files when I am away from the network. Not only is this program easy to use, but it also preserves the file paths of the files, so that working on the files on my laptop is just like working on the files on my network.

Mobiliti is a great program and one I recommend for anyone often has to work when disconnected from the network.

Recently, I had some files on our network that were deleted. I had local copies of the files on my laptop and I needed to synchronize them back to the network. The way that the synchronization is set up, if a file is deleted from either the network or the local drive, the other file is deleted upon synchronization. In this case, I did not want that to happen. Instead, I wanted certain local files to be copied back to the network.

I looked in the configuration settings and did not find a way to do that. I checked the online Knowledge Base and still found no solution. So I contacted customer support via email and got my answer. I am posting it here in case others need the info and so that I can find it again.

  1. Go to File\Synchronization settings\synchronization tab and set it to fully interactive mode. Save changes by clicking OK.
  2. Sync.
  3. At the preview, select the file that you don’t want to be deleted from the real network. Right click and choose “Change sync action”
  4. Set the sync action to the new desired action and proceed with sync.

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