50 Marketing Tips and a Personal Observation

The ABA has posted 50 marketing tips for solos and small firms. This list has certainly taken some hits in other blogs. The criticisms are certainly valid. Further, most of the tips do not really apply to me or my practice. For example, I cannot ever envision myself handing out my business card to the waitstaff at my favorite restaurant and asking them to give the card to other customers who seem like they need a lawyer. (Tip #26).

However, one tip struck home with me, tip #28

28. Cross-sell. When you complete work for clients, remind them that you handle other matters as well. Make sure they know that you would like the opportunity to serve them—or their friends, relatives, etc.—by drafting wills, handling personal injury matters or reviewing contracts.

I once represented a client in a dispute involving her home owners association. Later, I represented her in the sale of her home. During a subsequent conversation with her, I realized that she thought I was a “real estate lawyer.” In reality, however, only about 10% of my practice involves being a “real estate lawyer” as she defined the term. It turns out that she had no idea that the majority of my practice was litigation.

Because of this experience, I always try to make sure that my clients understand not only the types of matters that I typically handle, but also the types of matters that other members of the firm handle.

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