Pro Clip, Perfect for Your Treo in the Car

Since getting my Seidio FM Transmitter I have been looking for a secure method of carrying my Treo in my car. I have found a great solution in Pro Clip. Pro Clip has an interesting two part system. You have to buy both a vehicle mount and a device holder to get the whole system. This makes their system more expensive than some others, however, it ensures that both the vehicle mount and the device are a proper fit.

Their vehicle mounts are available for just about every make and model vehicle. AdditionallyPro Clip Pro Clip provides several different choices for vehicle mounts. For example, Pro Clip offers six different mounts for different locations in my car. Pro Clip also offers five different device holders for the Treo 650.

Installing the vehicle mount was a piece of cake. It took me fewer than two minutes to install the vehicle mount. The mount is secure and does not rattle at all. The device holder was just as easy to install and it holds my Treo securely, while leaving easy access to the charging port and my headphone jack.

If you are looking for a secure method of holding your Treo or other handheld device in your car, you can’t go wrong looking at Pro Cip’s selection.