Favorite: The Cellet Treo Holster

Given that I am talking about secure holders for my Treo. I thought now would be a good time to mention my favorite Treo holster. It is the Treo Rubberized holster made by Cellet. One reason that I love this holster is that it holds my Treo with the screen toward the inside, thus providing greater protection.

Treo HolsterAdditionally, the holster securely holds my Treo. When my Treo is in the holster, I do not fear that it is going to fall out. Related to this, the rubberized coating that covers the holster allows me to firmly hold the holstered Treo securely in my hand.

Like most holsters, it also contains a multi-position belt clip. This belt clip is very secure as well. In fact, the one minor quibble that I have with the holster is that the belt clip is too secure sometimes and I have trouble getting the holster off.

Although the retail price on this holster is $29.95, it is currently available from Wireless Ground for $9.95. Wireless Ground also offers free shipping on orders over $50. For orders less than $50, the shipping fee is a flat $3.95. Thus, you can get a great Treo holster for less than $15. Who can beat that?