ITechLaw 2007 Annual Meeting

ITechLawI Tech Law, the International Technology Law Association is holding its 2007 Annual Meeting and World Conference in Chicago on April 26-27. If you are interested in the intersection of law, the internet, and commerce, this may be the conference for you.
Program topics include:

  • Where are We Allowing Technology to Lead Us (Thursday Keynote)
  • Key Contractual Provision that Must be in Your Next ERP Agreement
  • Key Legal Developments Relating to Information Security
  • What to Do When the Government Wants Your Data
  • The Risks and Rewards of Web 2.0
  • Point/Counterpoint on Patent Trolls
  • Waging a Global War Against Spam

Of course, there are many other topics and each session has multiple topics to choose from. A full list can be found at ITechLaw’s website.

One session I would like to sit in on is “Legal Considerations in Creating and Maintaining Attorney Weblogs.”  Unfortunately, I will be giving my presentation on the Ethical Implications of Metadata at the same time.

If these technology topics interest you, I urge you to attend this conference. Also, if you are interested in the topic of Metadata, I encourage you to stop by my session.