Secure Your Computer

Jim Calloway provides a great tip for keeping your computer secure and making sure that you do not disclose privileged or confidential information. Jim explains:

But today I want to talk about one particular keyboard shortcut that protects your privacy as well as your clients’ privacy. That is hitting the Windows key (with the Windows logo) and at the same time the L key (for lock.)  This locks the computer and no one can access it again until you hit Cntrl+Alt+Delete and enter your password.

If you are leaving the computer to take a brief break, make a habit of locking it every time. I know you don’t allow anyone access to your office whom you do not trust. But still, maybe you don’t want your secretary to read that e-mail from your spouse or see just how far along you really are on that brief or view that open online game. This is just a good business privacy habit.

The great thing about this tip is that it is very simple and easy to remember. Notwithstanding the fact that the tip is simple, it can keep your confidential and privileged information secure.