A Great Offer from Log Me In

I am a big fan of Log Me In. I use it to access my home computer remotely. In fact, my ancient monitor on my home desktop (which I use mostly as a server type machine) recently died and I have just been using Log Me In to control it rather than replacing the monitor right now. Because I use Log Me In, I receive emails from them periodically, The last one I received, I thought it was great marketing.

The email started by emphasizing that you can use Log Me In to access your computer while you are traveling, it then went right for those of use who serve as tech support for our friends and family:

If you’re spending time with your parents during the holidays, be sure to install LogMeIn Pro on their PCs so you can help them out remotely next time they call with a computer problem.

I thought that this was a great point. In fact, I have recently installed Log Me In on a couple of computers that I support and it works great to to fix simple problems from my home or office.

If you have never tried Log Me In, give it a whirl. Also, during the holidays, they are selling Log Me In Pro at a 50% discount ($34.95 per year).

I know that GoToMyPC is the popular remote access solution. I have heard many stories about how much people like GoToMyPC. I prefer LogMeIn because it works well for me and it is less expensive than GoToMyPC. Additonally, Log Me In offers a free solution that allows you to remotely control your computer. Log Me In Pro includes more features and I use it for my main computer. However, it is great to be able to install the free version and gain remote access to a computer that you need to work on.

One thought on “A Great Offer from Log Me In

  1. Great story, and it’s great to hear that LogMeIn has a limited time offer with the 50% discount, I wasn’t aware of that..A service I find to be a great alternative to LogMeIn is Techinline (http://www.techinline.com) It allows you to connect to an unlimited number of computers from any point in the world for $30 a month, which is the lowest price I’ve seen..They also have a “pay as you go” plan which LogMeIn doesn’t seem to offer which is perfect for sporadic connections to family members who require support. Overall, although it’s not as feature loaded as LogMeIn, it’s much easier to use and is more than enough functionality-wise for the average user anyways.

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