Blogroll Update

The sites I have listed on my Blogroll are those that I read regularly. They are not necessarily the only blogs that I read. However, there are none listed that I do not regularly read. Some of those blogs on my blogroll include (in particular order):

Solo in Chicago is written by Peter Olson who is, surprisingly enough, a solo practitioner in Chicago. I know Peter. He is a great guy and his blogs are informative.

Closing Real Estate in Chicago, also written by Peter, focuses on the real estate market in the Chicago area. A must read if you practice in this area.

Nerino Petro’s Compujurist. Nerino is the practice management advisor for the Wisconsin State Bar Association. Nerino is recognized legal technology expert and he always has great technology tips.

Practice Management Blog is the official blog blog of the law practice management section of the DuPage County Bar Association. The blog was started by Mazyar Hedayat and he continues to oversee it.

Mazy Hedayat also writes the Bankruptcy Blog, which focuses on discussing bankruptcy decisions from around the country.